Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Musical Shares

Musical Shares

Rot like fruit,
in the heat,
and apologise dolefully,
about all the horrible scars on your hands.
Cast away,
all the tongues,
that can saturate emptiness,
to a black and white blender that pulses refrains.
I'm still up,
on the news,
that magnificent melodies,
penetrate salesmen and poets the same.
Dance away,
to the smut,
that delivers your consciousness.
Deep set division lines drawn in the green.
Justice turns,
To the truth,
And then laughs at dichotomy.
A perpetual beep in invisible ink.


  1. Wow! "Dance away to the smut that delivers your consciousness" is one heck of a great line! Great writing.

  2. very fine tuned word flow..
    well put.

  3. Really nice write...love the last four lines...nice meeting you at Poets Unite...bkm

  4. Words dance with underlying anger...Wonderful poem

  5. This really paints society well~ I love your imagery and your style~

  6. Stewart,
    Excellent words, to raise awareness of more than just one side to the media story.
    Human observation........

    Good to meet you via Poets United.
    I have added your blog, to follow.
    Best wishes, Eileen

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