Monday, 23 June 2014

I love you mum.
I love you dad.
I love you egg.
I love you Brody and Jack.
I love you Sarah.
I love you Angela.
I love you Louise.
I love you Stevie.
I love you Ginge.
I love you Swift.
I love you Pukes.
I love you Fuz.
I love you Dov.
I love you Snoop.
Though I did not deserve any love returned.

Frankie though, I never knew this kind of love could exist. I hope you forgive me my beautiful boy. I would've been a burden to you, no doubt about it.

I'm sub-human, Frankie you must promise me to be dignified, to say YES instead of 'no'. To actualise dreams instead of shunning them as I did.

I give you all, especially Frankie, my last thoughts and admirations. You lot have no comprehension of the impact  you had on my life.

Goodbye everyone. I' sorry I wsn't strog enough to live in this world.

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