Thursday, 23 January 2014

dear gran,

I'm sat here on my couch watching the late film on bbc1 and thinking about all the Saturday nights i used to come and stay at your house and watch the late film on bbc 1. We never liked comedies, and you would absolutely bloody hate the one I'm watching right now.

Thank you for constantly berating me for giving up on school - i think you were proud that i stuck in at uni this time. I had this fantasy that you would be there at my graduation, but as you lie right now in obscenity, on a dull white hospital bed, i know that this will never be. I thought i had enough time, that tomorrow was always an option, i wish i hadn't been so na├»ve.

I can't imagine how scared and alone you feel right now, knowing that in the next few days you are going to die - I just wish i could do something, i wish i had done more before now.

I love you Gran, I'm so, so sorry i took you for granted these last few years. I wish to God you didn't have to go.

All  my love
Stewarty xxx

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