Monday, 7 February 2011

City Living

Whilst the ash red twilight groans,
And the pretty cars chase themselves
Through slate grey Glasgow streets:
I will stay here.

As my sleep dipped brain sweats fret,
Spun by a dirty, manic wind
That blows into a hole:
I will stay here.

Amongst the bustle and murder of hope,
Where language and defiance die
A digital half-death:
I will stay here.

Where i find her, beautiful and content, waiting for me, at the station: I will live there.


  1. i like your description of city.
    and i can really appreciate "sweats fret."
    i hope you find her.

  2. best regards,

    good luck and enjoy your passion with her.

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  4. I love "the ash red twilight" and the "pretty cars" through the streets of Glasgow.......I really enjoyed this poem!

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    hope you well…
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